Still jammin’ after all these years |

Still jammin’ after all these years

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The Radiators, New Orleans’ unstoppable forces of fishhead funk, boogie and all things in between, return to Vail for more winter kick-off fun. We caught up with Rads fixture Reggie Scanlan and shared some impressions on the 26-year-old musical institution.Q: The Radiators will celebrate their 27th birthday in January, original members still intact what keeps you guys going?RS: Anything that lasts this long with all of its original components has gotta be held together by some intangible thing. When you play music with other people you’re having an ongoing conversation of sorts, and I guess we still have something to say otherwise we’d pack up and go home. We’ve also learned to leave our personal problems off the stage. Separate hotel rooms definitely leads to band longevity, as well.Q: Geoff Hanson, director of mountain favorite “Scrapple,” directed your new live DVD. How did you meet up with him?RS: We’d met Geoff when he was living in Telluride putting “Scrapple” together and we had a couple of songs on the soundtrack. He just seemed like the natural choice when it came time to do our DVD he also had the Widespread Panic DVD under his belt and he definitely brought in a different slant to the project.Interview by Andy StonehouseQ: How is “Earth vs. The Rads: The First 25 Years” different than most concert DVDs?RS: I’ve seen lots of band DVDs, even the new Grateful Dead movie, and rarely do you get to watch the entire performance from start to finish, so that’s what Geoff did. We’ve had a lot of fans say they appreciated that they don’t have to sit through interviews and see stuff they already know about. You just get to see a full performance, and that’s what people want, even though the interviews are still there on separate chapters.Q: Are you guys still as busy as ever?RS: I think we did 150 shows in 2004, but it used to be a lot more than that. We’ve actually scaled back over the years. And we haven’t had any conversations about giving it up quite yet I think the fact that we don’t talk about it means it probably won’t happen for a while. I figure that when that point comes, we’ll just know it and it will be fairly obvious. VTThe Radiators play at 8150 at 10 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 9.

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