Still the tightest rental market |

Still the tightest rental market

Don Rogers

The state’s average rate was 8.3 percent. Even Aspen couldn’t touch Vail and neighbors, with a 4.4 percent vacancy rate. Steamboat’s rate is 4.0 percent, Summit County’s 5.3 percent.Still think Vail doesn’t need the Middle Creek apartments? Those wonderful ideas about integrating more affordable housing more widely are valid – bring them on. But the town still needs more, and Middle Creek will make a dent.That is, if lawyerly picking at inane details or promoting nonsensical arguments in court doesn’t have its way. Failing to keep the town government from making a reasonable decision to go ahead with the project at the Mountain Bell microwave tour site, the good neighbors up the hill and around the corner at Spraddle Creek can’t help but find some other means of derailing things. Send in the lawyers! Gotta be a technicality in there somewhere.In a situation laced with nothing but irony, might as well add another: An action that might be fully legal but not quite right.Oil and waterOccasionally, folks confuse the aims of news reporting with the punditry committed on this page.We’ll speak s-l-o-w-l-y here: On the commentary page we run commentaries – opinions, those “those one-sided” editorials and columns by us and others, along with letters to the editor, Tipsline phone-in comments, Hits & Misses.This is why we have that banner at the top of the page and this section separated from the news pages, where the work of the reporters finds its home.The reporter’s role and great aim in life is to understand the events, issues and trends, along with the variety of perspective of players, observers and those affected by the news.The editorialist by definition takes a side, makes an argument for or against something, ideally a strong one.Naturally, folks on the other side disagree, wonder aloud about the commentator’s IQ, and the less sophisticated critics decide that because of the dimwitted commentary, the reporting surely must align with the editorial views.Wrong. At least here that’s wrong. Aside from the gravity-force immutable law that no reporter will ever agree with an editor about anything, the mission of each party is very different.So the source who feels rubbed raw by an editorial does himself or herself no favor by refusing to talk to a reporter as a result. Hell, the reporter would love to show that the ed is a blithering idiot, too. Are you kidding? Call it payback for making life on the beat just a little harder.D.R.

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