Stimulus coming to Colorado in weeks |

Stimulus coming to Colorado in weeks

Jeffrey Leib
The Denver Post

Road and bridge stimulus money should start flowing to Colorado within three weeks ” and soon after, contractors will begin construction on the first of an expected $403.9 million in projects backed by the federal largesse.

On Wednesday, the Colorado Department of Transportation identified 47 highway and bridge projects across the state that are in line to get at least $270 million in stimulus money administered by the agency.

The Denver Regional Council of Governments and other metropolitan planning organizations also will have pots of money to administer.

President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill Tuesday in Denver.

The measure will pump about $27 billion into road and bridge work nationally,

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with states getting shares based on established formulas, CDOT officials said at a stimulus workshop Wednesday.

About $7 billion will go for capital spending on transit projects, with Colorado getting about $102.7 million. Most of the transit money will funnel to urban transit agencies.

The Regional Transportation District is expected to get the bulk of capital assistance for transit in Colorado.

RTD also may bid for a portion of another pot of stimulus funds ” about $750 million available to assist major transit projects already underway or that can be started within 180 days.

RTD may seek to get some money from this pool of funds for one or more FasTracks rail lines, officials said at Wednesday’s briefing.

The stimulus package has another $100 million available for capital investments by transit agencies in technologies that help reduce energy consumption or greenhouse-gas emissions.

The Colorado Transportation Commission is expected to vote on a final list of highway and bridge projects today.

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