Stone Creek still seeking new home |

Stone Creek still seeking new home

Nicole Frey

AVON ” Nearly halfway through the school year, Stone Creek Elementary charter school’s board is busy looking for the school’s next home. The lease on their current abode on Yoder Avenue in Avon, next to The Home Depot, is only good for one year.

The board members have a couple of things in the works, including possibly occupying the Forest Service’s building near Meadow Mountain at Dowd Junction. But that location would likely only work for a year too, and Stone Creek is tired of moving, said Bill Hammer, president of the Stone Creek board.

“We don’t want to be a school of gypsies moving from site to site,” Hammer said. “It’s so hard.”

And after all they’ve gone through getting their school built ” constructing a 19,000 square-foot facility in just weeks and weathering dozens of delays ” it would be nice if they could stay a little longer, Hammer said.

During last week’s Avon Town Council meeting, Town Manager Larry Brooks suggested giving the school the option of renewing its lease in one-year increments so long as Avon doesn’t need the land, but not all the councilors were interested in the idea.

“I’m appalled by it,” Councilman Mac McDevitt said, adding the vote to approve the lease to the school earlier in the year had been narrow to begin with. “We voted on one year and one year only. That was the vote, and it shouldn’t be changed … I’m really surprised at the direction this has taken.”

Wanting to keep the pressure on Stone Creek, councilors declined to make a decision about the lease. But at the same time, the council didn’t totally close the door on Stone Creek, said Avon spokeswoman Jacquie Halburt.

“They fully expect Stone Creek to ask for another year,” she said.

In addition to figuring out the future, Stone Creek still has to deal with the current building and more than $46,000 in water and sewer tap fees.

The school had paid $10,400 in tap fees to the town of Avon, but Hammer spoke to the council last week saying the school shouldn’t be responsible for the cost and wanted the money back.

Town officials said it wasn’t as simple as refunding the money because the fee wasn’t Avon’s to keep. Instead, Avon passes the money along to the Traer Creek Metropolitan District, which passes 20 percent of it to the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District.

However, when all was said and done, the council voted to refund the money anyway and incur the $10,400 bill. The tap will belong to Avon after Stone Creek vacates the area.

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