Stop calling Sergio Sandoval — you’re probably screaming at the wrong one |

Stop calling Sergio Sandoval — you’re probably screaming at the wrong one

EAGLE — Stop calling Sergio Sandoval to scream and swear; there's an 80 percent chance you have the wrong one.

There at least five men named Sergio Sandoval living in the valley. A man named Sergio Alberto Sandoval will be sentenced in District Court for sexually assaulting a woman.

That Sergio Sandoval was born March 27, 1989 — that makes him 29.

None of the other half dozen or so men named Sergio Sandoval were born on that date, and none of them pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

By Wednesday a couple Sergio Sandovals had called the Vail Daily and politely asked that we please ask people to stop calling them to scream and swear and call them names.

One Sergio Sandoval is in his 50s, has lived in the valley for 40 years and has been a stellar member of a local company for 30 years.

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His phone started ringing Wednesday morning with people he did not know screaming, swearing and saying really awful things.

"I was confused, then I picked up a paper," he said.

While the Vail Daily's online story included a picture of Sergio Alberto Sandoval who pleaded guilty to sex assault, Wednesday's print edition did not. A disconnect happened and readers looked at the print story and leaped to the conclusion that the Sergio Sandoval they know was that Sergio Sandoval.

It's probably not.

If the estimates are correct and there are five men named Sergio Sandoval in the valley, the crank callers had an 80 percent chance of being wrong. So, the other Sergio Sandovals asked, please stop it.

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