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Stop it now

Bill Rodkey

Based on the information I have seen, as well as what I have read in the Vail Daily, I am unable to comprehend how this development possibly could be deemed “affordable” housing.

Will any of our local employees truly be able to afford the rents in such a place? I honestly doubt it. Furthermore, if my information is correct, these apartments will be quite small, making the cost per square foot comparable to many mid-level (or higher) units in and around Vail.

Who does the Town Council actually think will live in theses units? Please be honest with yourselves as well as the citizens of this valley, especially those of us who are full-time, year-round residents and home owners.

In the past 13 years I have observed many property owners, both residential and commercial, jump through hoops and spend untold amounts of money to comply with the many restrictions placed upon them. This fact is true even in those cases when the property owners simply wanted to upgrade their properties for the sake of appearance and in support of what is best for all of us who live and work here.

Now, it seems that this Middle Creek project is being given green lights at every intersection with little or no opposition from the TOV in spite of strong opposition from the citizens. To whom do you owe your allegiance?

Please consider the alternatives to this project and to this site. I am certain that there are sites that would be less technically challenging and more amenable for building than the Mountain Bell property. You know better than I what other possibilities exist, so why not look at those other sites and suggestions with open minds? That would benefit all of us.

Please, for the sake of all Vail Valley residents, do not allow this project to proceed at this location.

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