Stop me before I vote ’em in again |

Stop me before I vote ’em in again

Don Rogers

This is the “Just shoot me before I vote him in again” hysteria finally come to roost. Nearly all of Eagle County’s most capable department heads must leave office because we voters decided we really weren’t smart enough to decide when it was truly time to send an elected official packing. We’re dumber than we think sometimes.

Elected, as in we already have the power to decide whether an incumbent should stay another term or make way for fresh blood.

The voters locally can change this bit of nonsense Tuesday in the polls by removing term limits on the elected department heads, including sheriff, clerk and recorder, coroner, county surveyor, and so on.

GOP ad error

The local Republicans have been taking out ads with some rather pointless history lessons contending their party brought us national parks, environmental protection acts, the first female member of the Supreme Court.

Thanks for the lessons, but so what? The GOP can claim ending slavery, but that doesn’t mean today’s black population is going to trust today’s party. The organization has changed a tad since.

Besides, an assertion in an ad for Heather Lemon about the first black jurist on the Supreme Court was flat wrong. Thurgood Marshall was appointed by President Johnson, a Democrat. Duh. What that has to do with the race for the 56th District state House seat is beyond us.

But hey, we’ll give a style point for at least not trying to fool voters about Lemon’s opponent, Carl Miller. D.R.

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