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Stop the senseless suing

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I really agree with Tom Boyd’s article on the harsh reality of the legal system (“Enough of the Pop Torts”, Vail Trail, Feb. 28). It’s really felt in the field of medicine as well, leading to lower reimbursements, ordering many expensive tests to “CYA,” and ultimately affecting patient care. Of course, there is a huge national problem occurring, with physicians walking out due to being unable to make a living or break even due to increasing malpractice costs. The only winners in this arena are the bulldog lawyers. In these types of cases no one really wins.I would hate to see the terrain parks be banned, by the way, as I’m learning the half pipe! And the sledding hill incident is outrageously angering. Just wanted to let you know I’m in 200 percent agreement with you.Theresa Cherry, M.D.EdwardsSucker for a Ryan and Trista happy endingYes, we know about all the sad news, and there are some of us are searching for news that makes us smile. Trista and Ryan are two classy people who warmed my heart and I’m old enough to be their mother. Some of America does likes happy stories. You are too negative (“Please make it end,” Vail Trail, Feb. 28). The Vail Daily told us about their visit to Vail and seemed happy to have their visit. Get a new job if this type of news upsets you so much.B. SmithCamp Hill, Pa.Rovelstadfamily says thanksThe family of Davey Rovelstad wishes to thank all the kind and generous people of this area for putting together and attending the Davey Rovelstad Memorial Gathering, which was held last Sunday afternoon, March 2. at the Vail Golf Club. We thank Terry Hoffman and Tom Roshkind for organizing the event and Patti and the staff at the golf club for serving the delicious lunch. We thank Pastor Carl Walker for his inspirational words that gave meaning to the event. Your paper also was a great help in getting the word out.We are sure that there are many more people whom we are not aware of that contributed to the success of the memorial and deserve credit. We also express our gratitude to the generous people who contributed to the Mayo Clinic Liver Transplant Department that afternoon.There were more than 200 friends of Davey’s attending and we understand there was not room for all who wanted to get in. It was a beautiful tribute to our son and brother for which we will always be grateful.Phyllis and Homer Rovelstad (parents), and Susan James(sister)

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