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‘Stories do so much for us’

Courtney Riley
Vail CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

Everyone’s family is strange. Just ask New York Times bestselling author Eleanor Brown. Her book titled “The Weird Sisters” focuses on three sisters and the unique relationships between them and their family. It’s that close-up look at family dynamics that readers connect to, she said.

“A lot of people respond to that,” Brown said. “Everybody’s family is weird in one way or another. People can see their own families in (the book).”

Lianna Nielsen, the lead bookseller and co-op manager of the Bookworm in Edwards said she couldn’t put the book down when she was reading it.

“I could really relate to each one of the sisters,” she said.

Brown is coming to the Bookworm Thursday night at 6 p.m. to read from the book and sign copies. She will also share with the audience how she got interested in writing and how she became an author.

“The Weird Sisters” was the most purchased book at the Bookworm’s Wine and Words event last winter, Nielsen said.

“A lot of customers have read the book, so it’s really exciting that she’s coming here,” Nielsen said.

‘We see ourselves reflected back’

Brown describes her novel as a love letter to books and reading.

“People talk about books and reading being dead,” Brown said. “But people email me every day and say they loved that aspect of the book and that books and stories are really important to them.”

Brown has always been a reader, she said, and still calls herself a reader before she calls herself a writer. She’s honored that she gets to make her living by telling stories and said she is grateful for the people who have read her book and are sharing it with others.

“Stories do so much for us,” she said. “They let us live lives, see worlds and experience things we might not otherwise have a chance to. We see ourselves reflected back and understand ourselves a little bit more.”

Event tickets are $10 and can be purchased on the Bookworm’s website, over the phone or at the store. The fee includes appetizers and drinks.

Fellow authors and people in publishing have told Brown good things about the Bookworm, so she’s excited for the event.

“I can’t wait to visit the bookstore,” she said. “The people have been so wonderful and welcoming. It’s really fun to go and talk to people about this whole world I made up in my head. Now others get to experience it.”

Courtney Riley is an intern at the Vail Daily. Email comments about this story to criley@vaildaily.com.

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