Strange argument |

Strange argument

David Le Vine

On the basis of his July 17 column, Mr. Mazzuca evidently feels compelled to tell us that there are fascists among us and also to inform us that they are somewhat akin to communists and Nazis. Then after many words, and following a vague denial, Mr. Mazzuca goes on to offer his opinion that Democrats are somewhat akin to Nazis.

Pretty weird stuff!

I’m not certain why he felt the need to begin his column with the stupidity of a bunch of “nutheads” in California unless it was to add credibility to his final conclusion regarding Democrats. If so, I don’t think he should have bothered, the association was a “flopperoo.”

On the other hand, if Mr. Mazzuca believes in limiting health care to those who can least afford it, compromising public education, and advocating a nonsecular government, I believe that he should just say so. He seems to share the precepts of the Republican party and he is free to do that and free to acknowledge it.

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