Strange drunk tries to kiss mom during family photo at Copper Mountain |

Strange drunk tries to kiss mom during family photo at Copper Mountain

Robert Allen
Summit County correspondent

SUMMIT COUNTY – A father was taking a photo of his children at Copper recently when a 40-year-old drunk man “forced himself upon” his wife, “trying to kiss her on the mouth,” according to a statement in a Summit County Sheriff’s Office report.

The father’s friends pulled the drunk man away as he struggled to fight with them; a security guard interceded. Deputies arrived to speak with the drunk man, who “mumbled something unintelligibly and turned away, trying to leave the area,” according to the report.

After deputies commanded him to stop twice, one of them put his hand on the man’s right arm.

“I saw (the man) bring back the beer glass in what appeared to be an effort to wield it as a weapon,” according to a deputy in the report.

The deputy grabbed the man’s left arm – which was holding the glass – and knocked the glass to the ground. The man grabbed the deputy’s uniform and right wrist, pulling the deputy toward him.

The drunk man continued to struggle, attempting swings with a closed fist. A deputy used a “modified arm takedown” to bring the man to the ground. The man broke a remote control antenna off the deputy’s gear and was screaming, “Let’s go m***** f******.”

He was handcuffed but continued to resist, tensing his muscles and kicking his legs. He was screaming “F*** you guys, tase me, tase me in the balls,” according to the report.

The man was held to the ground for 2 minutes before calming down. He began to resist again when a deputy tried to adjust his handcuffs. Eventually the man was placed in the patrol car and taken to the hospital.

The “highly intoxicated” man was medically cleared to be taken to jail, and while at the hospital he repeatedly apologized for his actions.

Before he interrupted a family photo, the man had been observed beating on an unoccupied Coors Light tour bus “for no reason,” according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

At the hospital, the man said that he was angry with the people in the bus because “they gave him a bad vibe,” according to the report.

The man was booked on charges of obstructing a peace officer and criminal mischief under $500 for breaking the deputy’s $50 remote control device.

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