Street Beat gets Boogie-licious |

Street Beat gets Boogie-licious

Sarah Dixon
Special to the Daily Disco-era cover band The Boogey Machine plays at Street Beat concert tonight.

Breakout your bell bottoms – and if you’re lucky, new driving gloves – as ’70s cover band The Boogie Machine plays the last Street Beat concert tonight just before the Vail Valley Foundation picks one lucky local to own a brand new BMW X3.

The Boogie Machine played the finale of the popular concert series last year, and many feel that their energy is truly in keeping with that of the show – and the time of year.

“They’re great, it’s such a high energy evening,” said Vail Valley Foundation’s Kerry Donovan. “It’s really a perfect compliment to the town’s atmosphere at this time of year. Things are really exciting as the season winds down, and this is an exciting show. Last year people came all dressed up, so don’t be afraid this year.”

Do a little dance…

Boogie Machine lead singer Jerry Bergeson agrees that the tone of the evening suits his band’s playful approach to ’70s music.

“It’s a blast, this gig is one of my favorite gigs, everybody is really into it,” Bergeson said. “That’s one thing that we do, we’re really good at pouring gas on the fire to get people really into events like this one.”

Of course, the very nature of disco music prompts everyone to get down. And we do mean everyone.

“The ’70s disco thing is great, especially because it pulls everybody together, it keeps everybody dancing,” Bergeson said. “Lots of people came dressed in ’70s styles last year. This year we’ll have funky hats and afro wigs and Boogie Machine’s CDs for sale right there at the show.”

Because the Denver-based band sings only cover songs, there is another aspect which will tie the crowd into the performance.

“Everyone will know every word to every song,” Bergeson assured. But with such a plethora of ’70s classic tunes, does Bergeson have a favorite?

“Oh man, there’re so many!” he exclaimed. “I like lots of the Donna Summer stuff, anything with lots of guitar, that’s great fun to perform.”

And with stage names like H.R. Funkinstuff and Cherry DaBomme – not to mention costumes to match – they’re a lot of fun to watch too. Just keep in mind Bergeson’s primary piece of advice for tonight’s show.

“Be sure to bring your dancing shoes!”

Homeward bound

And don’t forget – and not many locals have – that one lucky Vail Valley resident will become the proud parent of a shiny, new Beemer. Raffle tickets have been sold at each of the Street Beats since the series first show Dec. 3.

“My guess is that we’ve sold close to 12,000 tickets, but I suspect that guess is on the low side,” said Donovan. “And at this final concert, only eight people will be eligible for the car.”

And what trying, difficult, arduous task must they complete to earn a key to the $40,000 vehicle? Well, they have to play a game. What kind of game? Well, that’s the surprise.

“One year, when we gave away a condo, we had a “Price is Right” kind of game,” Donovan explained. “Another year, to give away a Harley, we had a video game contest, sort of testing your motor skills.”

But no matter who wins, the car won’t be going too far. Only residents of Eagle and Lake counties could register to win the hot rod, drawing valley folks to Bridge Street in droves for each event.

“It’s really a local’s giveaway,” said Donovan. “Some people have come to every concert religiously, it draws the locals out. People will be running over from work just to get a ticket.”

Perhaps a worthwhile strategy, if your name is called tonight.

“This is not a lease, this car is yours for ever and ever,” Donovan reminded.

Have a look at the car tonight outside the George, and be sure to be in the crowd when the raffle begins at 7:30 p.m. – because if you’re not there, the car goes to someone else. And not even a little Bee Gees will make you feel better about that gaffe.

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