Streetscape off to a good start |

Streetscape off to a good start

Don Rogers

Call it so far, so good for Vail Village’s streetscape effort. Tearing up the streets began promptly April 19, about as soon as the ski lifts stopped running. Construction workers put this Humpty Dumpty back together again, with liberal pastings of asphalt, in time for the summer high season. Crowds filled the narrow lanes last weekend for the Big Wheel Classic. Whatever frowns were to be found were at the rain, not the state of the streets. And surely the merchants could not complain about any lack of people who came to the party.So far, so good. The work will begin again right after Labor Day and wrap up in time for ski season. Then …, well, you get the picture. Right on through fall 2005, with a cost estimated to total $7 million by the time the work is done and, sigh, the streets are heated.RIPCommunity institutions, well they come and they go. One in Vail Village is going. The Tyrolean, owned by Pepi Langegger for the past 33 years, is under contract, sadly, to be sold for condos. That’s too bad. It’s a great restaurant, and more than a few diners over the years have lingering memories of exquisite food and great fellowship.The sell-off of restaurant equipment, supplies and furnhishing is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. today, after a viewing that begins at 9. The Langeggers still have their Golden Eagle restaurant in Beaver Creek, so they are not going away entirely, even if Vail will suffer for its loss of a cornerstone swept into history.Nothing lasts forever, we’re reminded. Too bad.D.R.

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