Strict leash law being written for Eagle |

Strict leash law being written for Eagle

Kathy Heicher

EAGLE – If you’re planning on taking your dog for a walk in Eagle, you’re going to need a leash.The town is now writing a strict leash law, but there are likely to be areas set aside where dogs can run free. “The current leash law is widely and flagrantly disregarded,” Eagle Mayor Jon Stavney. “It is important to come up with a workable compromise.”Dog owners hoping for a more lenient leash law said they were disappointed by the decision. Some even grumbled about how many seats will be open in April’s town board elections.”Where’s our compromise? That was no compromise at all,” Eagle Ranch resident Dave Crawford said. Town Board members said they received nearly 100 e-mails , many favoring a strict law. Town Board member Kraige Kinney said there should be two or three areas where owners can let dogs off their leases.”People with a fear of dogs need a to know there are places they can go to,” Kinney said.The town will not develop formal dog parks, but dogs will be allowed to run free in vacant open space areas., such as the open field southeast of the community gardens in Eagle Ranch and another open area near the Eagle Ranch Golf Clubhouse.Dog owners in the audience made it clear they want off-leash areas easily accessible to their neighborhood. “I want to walk my dog, not drive it,” Crawford said.”I’m not going to drive anywhere to take my dogs to the park,” added Eagle Ranch resident Karen Carlson said. “What’s the point of the open space and the lifestyle here?”Vail, Colorado

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