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Strong Voices

Cindy Ramunno

You’re on a stage with the spotlight on every inch of you. Everyone is starring, including your friends and family. They’re waiting to hear what comes out of your mouth. To top it off, you have to belt out a tune with an impressive voice. Is this your worst nightmare?

Not for some. In fact, there are those who actually thrive on the spotlight. And when you have the talent to go along with it, it can fun.

Eagle Valley seniors Jacque Laman and Elizabeth McMichael have that talent. You’ve heard these girls sing the national anthem at home games, and you’ve seen them in high school variety and talent shows, as well as many community events.

Laman was born is Salida and has lived in the valley her entire life. Her future plans include two years at Colorado Mountain College to get an associates degree in Mathematics. Then, she wants to head to Tennessee (or somewhere east) to attend an accredited music school. “I’d like to teach music or teach voice,” says Layman.

In the meantime, Layman would like to join a small town band ” one that would allow her to utilize her singing talent. She was initially nervous when getting up on stage, but no more. “The first time was little scary, but now it’s comfortable and I enjoy it,” says Laman, who gets her talent from her dad’s side of the family. “My aunt sings, but my mom is also a good singer,” Laman says. Her parents say that she has never been shy ” in fact, she would chat up total strangers when she was very young.

Laman loves all types of music, but her favorite is country. “It’s so easy to hear and listen to,” she says.

Elizabeth McMichael started singing along with television commercials at the early age of 3 years old. Two years later, she sang at her kindergarten graduation. When asked if that performance scared her, McMichael laughs, “I was the most un-shy 5 year old ever.” She was 10-years-old when she realized it was something that she wanted to pursue.

Then, in the eighth grade, Elizabeth recorded some songs and started singing at various community events. This summer, you’ll hear her sing at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. If you go the annual Wild West Day benefit for local elementary schools, you’ve heard her sing. Her voice also carries through the park during summer events such as Flight Days and Gypsum Daze.

McMichael will attend the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley this fall and is looking forward to meeting her new roommates and enjoying campus life. “I’d like to get into the theatre program there, and I would definitely be interested is pursuing something on the side involving music,” she says.

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