Students expelled over two ‘hit lists’ |

Students expelled over two ‘hit lists’

Pete Fowler
Vail, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ” Two Glenwood Springs Middle School seventh-graders were recently expelled after school officials discovered what was described as two “hit lists.”

Some kids had gathered about three weeks ago and a teacher took something from them that turned out to be a list of names with the words “hit list” on it, Assistant Principal Mike Wells said.

A friend of the student was also involved and a second list was found. He told Principal Brad Ray that he had written his own copy because he was the boy’s friend, Ray said.

“It’s two seventh-grade boys who made a horrible mistake,” Ray said. “It’s a tough situation for everybody.”

Some parents were concerned that the school notified only parents of students who were on the lists. One parent, who asked that her name not be used, said she found out about it when her child came home and made a comment about it.

Ray, Wells and a Glenwood Springs Police Department student resource officer determined through talking with students and parents that there was no imminent threat of anyone being harmed.

“If there was any imminent danger we would have definitely let everyone know,” Ray said.

Ray said the students were just writing out their frustrations.

“Both boys understood the severity of their mistake,” Ray said, adding that they were honest about what they had done. “We’ve given them better ways to cope.”

The two students have been provided the opportunity for psychological evaluation and counseling. One was said to be leaving the area. Ray and Wells said that the boys had not gotten in trouble often in the past.

“No one took it more seriously than we did,” Wells said.

The student resource officer and school administrators are “quite comfortable” that the students didn’t have the means or the intent to carry out any violence, he added.

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