Students show off art for mountain games |

Students show off art for mountain games

Courtney Riley
Vail CO Colorado
HL Teva paper boxes KA 6-1-11

Five bright, colorful and eccentrically decorated Vail Daily newspaper racks will house the official Teva Mountain Game programs throughout Vail Village this weekend.

The racks were decorated by students from three local elementary schools and one middle school. After the Teva Mountain Games, the racks will possibly reside at the schools or in a high-traffic location in Eagle County.

“They’re perfect because everyone from all over the world will get to see the great artwork, the community effort and how everyone is coming together for the games,” said Shelley Woodworth, the marketing and public relations director of the Vail Valley Foundation. “It shows how the mountain games are a true community event.”

Minturn Middle School

The rack was designed and decorated by four students participating in an after-school program, along with several teachers. Sara Strobing, the art teacher at Minturn Middle School said they wanted to reward the students by incorporating an art project.

“They had a lot of fun. They were excited that other people would get to see it and that it would be out in public,” Strobing said. “It makes them feel like their art is important, which is a good thing.”

June Creek Elementary School:

Third, fourth and fifth graders decorated this school’s newspaper rack, which has a rock climbing theme. Ethan Pitcher, a fourth grader who will be competing in the Teva Mountain Games for climbing, helped with the main design, said art teacher Michael Salomone.

“It was fun and neat to have kids of all different ages,” Salomone said. “They’re looking forward to trying to find it in the village. The Teva games are so big, you could decorate it with all different kinds of stuff, but we centered in on one thing.”

Edwards Elementary School:

Students from a few different grades worked on the Edwards Elementary box during free time in art class, said the school’s art teacher, Ashley Ikoniak. The class talked about the Teva Mountain Games and found pictures online to inspire their design.

“We wanted to incorporate a little bit of every event that was happening or that the kids had gone to before,” she said. “They had so much fun and were very excited when the newspaper rack was delivered to the classroom. It was something that was a little different than the normal class, so it was exciting for them to decorate it.”

Eagle Valley Elementary IB World School:

After a week of working on their box in class, around 12 students belonging to an art extension group at Eagle Valley Elementary IB World School came into school early in the morning for two weeks to finish decorating their work of art. The kids had been studying impressionist artists and used that style as inspiration for their design.

“They’re extremely proud of what they’ve done,” said the school’s art teacher, Cynthia Reichardt. “They’re great problems solvers and really cooperative. They really recognized one another’s contributions. I think it worked out really well.”

Red Sandstone Elementary School:

Around 10 fifth grade students at Red Sandstone Elementary School in Vail decorated the school’s box.

The school’s art teacher, Deborah Bolon-Feeney, said the design was inspired by the different activities involved in the Teva Mountain Games, including climbing, kayaking, biking, trail running and other events.

“Each student chose one and put it in the environment they imagined it to take place in,” Bolon-Feeney said. “I think art becomes so much more meaningful when it’s connected to real life events. My kids are just always excited to be connected to events in the valley.”

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