Students show support for veterans |

Students show support for veterans

Avon Elementary School fifth grader Diego Rios drew this picture to send to local veterans.

AVON After a Veterans Day assembly, Jennifer Pinkus fifth graders at Avon Elementary wanted to do more for the troops. The students drew pictures and wrote letters to send to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Minturn.

Hi, my name is Diego Martinez. I go to AES. I am very thankful of you for saving our country. Thank you for protecting our country. Im very sorry if any friends of yours died. I wouldnt like any of my friends to die. I would be really sad if I lost friends. I wouldnt be brave like you, so brave fighting and losing friends in the war. I wouldnt be alive if it werent for you. Sincerely, Diego Martinez

Thank you for all youve done for America. I think youve done well. My name is Maria MacDougald, I am in fifth grade at AES. When I think hard about what youve been through, it must have been horrible. My uncle and grandpa both flew in the Air Force. When you were just getting ready to go, were you scared? Did you ever think it would be you in such craziness? I really appreciate the fact that you care about our country. Because of you we are free, unlike some other countries. Well, anyways, thank you again. Sincerely,Maria McDougald.

Thank you for protecting our country. You are really brave guys because you fought for us. Thats why I thank you. Do you think about the war when you are lonely? Where have you gone to fight? I really appreciate all you have to do for us. If I would be able to give a gift I would make it for you guys. Sincerely,Diego Rios

My name is Diego Gutierrez. I am in fifth grade. I want to ask you where were you based. I also want to thank you for protecting us from war and keep our country safe. Do you still think about war? Thank you for being tough. Were you scared during the war? Thanks for defending our country. I wish you the best luck. Sincerely, Diego Gutierrez

My name is Jose Ramos. Im in fifth grade and I go to AES. Im really thankful for all your hard work. If it wasnt for all you guys, America would be a place full of slavery. I want to ask you guys some questions. Do you have a family? Were you scared? I appreciate all your hard work and your time. Sincerely, Jose Ramos

Thank you for being so brave. You have courage. Keep it up. Thank you for keeping our country safe. Do you still think about the war? Do you still think about what you did for our country? Was it scary? I would be scared. Sincerely, Shanna Moe

Thank you for protecting our country. I would like to know where you were based. Thank you for keeping our country safe. Is your training hard? Thank you for being brave enough to go to our enemies and tell them that you dont want to start a war. How does it feel protecting your country? I would like to know if you were happy defending your country. I am Richard and I appreciate you.Sincerely,Richard Trujillo

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