Students showcase films this weekend in Glenwood Springs |

Students showcase films this weekend in Glenwood Springs

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The sixth annual Rocky Mountain Student Filmfest will be taking place Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. The festival will be in the Glenwood Springs High School auditorium. Admission is $5 at the door. The festival is a two-day event featuring two different sets of films on each night. The following films have bee chosen to screen:Friday:”Cheese” – Steamboat Springs High School”My Illusion” – Rifle High School”Highwater” – Glenwood Springs High School”Il Gioco” – Roaring Fork High School”Jeremy” – Steamboat Springs High School”Thirty Four Fifty” – Roaring Fork High School”Crazy As Sane” – Steamboat Springs High SchoolNo title – Basalt High School”Freshman Fears” – Aspen High School”The Busk” – Yampah Mountain High School”Styles of Beyond” – Basalt High School”Naughty Rupert” – Aspen High School”En Realidad” – Basalt High School”Simple Pleasures” – Basalt High School”The Paper” – Steamboat Springs High School”Firefighter’s Prayer” – Aspen High SchoolSaturday:”The Strange Side of Abe Lincoln” – Home Schooled Student”13 Bad Things” – Aspen High School”Unbound” – UTEC (Grand Junction)”Something So Surreal” – Bridges”Cheap Tricks” – Roaring Fork High School”Mastication Sensation” – Basalt High School”Pirates of the Caribbean” – Steamboat Springs High School”Ginzama Remote” – Aspen High School”Skitch” Glenwood Springs High School”What Are You Afraid Of?” – Glenwood Springs High School”PB&J” – Steamboat Springs High School”State Dreams” – Basalt High School”Ataxia” – Basalt High School”Locker 87″ – Roaring Fork High SchoolVail Colorado

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