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Stupid war

In contrast to Butch Mazzuca’s latest rationale for the war, I would like to offer a far simpler analysis: But before I do, permit me to question two of Mr. Mazzuca’s inferences:

First, evil though he was, Saddam Hussein had nothing, I repeat “nothing” to do with al Qaida’s attack on 9/11, nor was he responsible for any of the earlier terrorism that is iterated in the article.

Second, the fact is that Iraq did not, I repeat did not, have a nuclear weapon; nor did it have a reasonable means of delivering a nuclear weapon. Furthermore, although he is evil, he is not stupid enough to unleash, or even try to unleash a nuclear weapon when he knows full well that we have 3,000 with which to retaliate.

Mr. Bush simply went to war because the fools associated with P.N.A.C. (including Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby, Fieth and Rumsfeld ) ignored the history, culture and religious extremism of Iraq. They would show the world that we were the SUPER POWER, that this was OUR CENTURY. Mr. Bush was “taken for a ride” and we invaded Iraq. It was as simple and stupid as that! As a result we have killed tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, 2,300 of our finest young people, alienated country after country and accomplished nothing.

David Le Vine


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