Suburban living, and other stuff |

Suburban living, and other stuff

Notes, quotes and brain candy from this week’s Kobe Khronicles:

n Suburban Living: Three chartered Chevy Suburbans carry Kobe and company around the area while he’s in town. In what could be the greatest use of telecommunications in this spiral arm of the universe, some folks in Bryant’s security force use their honest-to-Dick-Tracy wrist radios to occasionally summon one of those Suburbans to make a delivery to the front steps of the courthouse.

Monday was pretty tedious, and the delivery reflected it ” two six packs of Starbucks, six cappucinos and six frappucinos. They also threw in a couple of Red Bulls and a Hersheys with no almonds to be named later.

In protecting the public’s right to know, that’s the kind of hard-hitting investigative reporting you’ve come to expect.

n Hallway hangin’: Reporters doing the hallway hang, locked out of the courtroom while fates are being decided, will figure out all kinds of ways to entertain their brains by giving each other money.

Points pools are popular. Media-oids have taken to putting pools together, taking a chance on how many points Bryant will score when he has to fly from Eagle to a game somewhere in else in North America. The last winner was NBC’s Michelle Hofland, who won $31 for picking 31 points.

n There’s also a pool on the date opening statements will begin for the trial. The optimists who picked July are out of the running, while the pessimists who chose late October and November are secretly wishing for protracted tedium.

n Reporters learn more about each other than most folks, with that much time and no television to distract them. For example, today is L.A. Times reporter Steve Henson’s birthday. He’s in his extremely late 20s.

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