Such promise lost |

Such promise lost

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Life is precious, and fragile.

We know this, of course, with all too many reminders when youngsters are taken too soon.

Lately, the lesson has come often and hard with the deaths of recent Eagle County high school graduates Andy Given and Jake Brock.

Given, who graduated from Battle Mountain High School in 2005, died this month when his car hit a light pole late at night in the Denver area. He was 20. There were no indications of drinking or anything like that.

Brock, who graduated from Eagle Valley High School last spring, was killed last week when a suspected drunk driver being chased by the Colorado State Patrol rammed the car Brock and his girlfriend were driving off I-70 near Grand Junction. Both 19-year-olds died. The suspected drunk lived to face murder charges.

For a certain slice of the Eagle County community, these are especially cruel blows. Brock and Given were active, bright young men full of promise.

Their tragedies together have stunned peers and families of kids beginning to strike out on their own, some at college, some still home.

This is a sensitive time, so full of promise and, truth be told, parental fear for their fledglings trying out their new wings.

The nature of life is that our children leave their nests, and the world can be cruel beyond our ability to shield them.

Tricks of fate and timing lurk, occasionally overturning the order of things that says we pass before our offspring, not after.

Brock’s father, Vern, had the presence of mind through his grief to counsel his son’s friends to reach higher, go harder, get the most they can out of life.

It’s precious, and oh so fragile.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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