Sucker finds peace at State Bridge |

Sucker finds peace at State Bridge

Cassie Pence

State Bridge’s river of positive vibes is about to rise a little higher with the appearance of five Colorado musical favorites.Scott Stoughton (vocals), Rodney Coquia (guitar), Aaron Snyder (Bass), Tyler Bender (drums) and Steve Vidaic (keys) form Sucker. It’s hard to tag Sucker with a particular style – the band is extremely versatile – but their heavily rooted in reggae and rock with the occasional freestyle thrown in by Stoughton. The sound is like a musical rendez-vous between Sublime and early Chili Peppers.

The group had taken a bit of a hiatus from playing together, making time to embark on personal endeavors whether it musical or reality-based, like buying a home. So their showing Saturday at 7 p.m. is particularly special, not to mention a few fans in the audience that will be celebrating their day of birth.Stoughton, general manager at State Bridge, said the crew is finally at peace with their own musical undertakings. Playing is fun again, Stoughton said, and there may be another record and new songs.”We’re still playing, but we’re not relying on it to survive which gets really difficult,” Stoughton said. “We are pretty content where it is at.”Stoughton has carved a niche doing guest sit-ins across the nation with acts such as Bela Fleck, Leftover Salmon, Sam Bush, Karl Denson and members of LIttle Feat. But even with all that big playing time, he still names Sucker cohorts as the best players.The members of Sucker are forever exploring different avenues. Stoughton drums with a DJ as Solution and Vidaic caresses the keys in ZILLA, with String Cheese Incident drummer Michael Travis, just to name a few. Solo projects aside, Sucker creates sound for those on the other side of the stage – the fans.

” People connect with our message and that feels good. This why we still play,” Stoughton said. “That is what is importance to us.”Sucker crushes boundaries and creates good Saturday at 7 p.m. with DJ dotcom. Cabins and yurts start at $39.95. Fun participants are encouraged to stay and make a night of it.

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