Sucker punched and glad of it |

Sucker punched and glad of it

Wren Wertin
Special to the DailySucker is back - moving on playing strong.

Scott Stoughton (vocals) and Rodney Coquia (guitar), Sucker’s heart and soul, both underwent horrendous relationship dramas at roughly the same time. The unforeseen result is a closer songwriting relationship, tighter music and more exploratory lyrics. They’re still aggressive roots reggae, but they’re new and improved. Sucker plays Vail tonight for the first time in months. They’ll be at The Bridge in Vail Village at 9 p.m.

“I feel like we’re the best of Sucker now,” said Stoughton. “Tighter and more organized – there’s a lot more melody, harmony and song structure.”

They got there by isolating the best aspects of their live show, and then building upon them. Sucker can cross many lines. They can play for both the High Sierra Music Festival and the Warped Tour, without changing their identity too much.

Stoughton likes to freestyle, and does it often, but he’s been getting into singing melodically. He’s as surprised as anybody with how well it fits the new Sucker. Four-part harmonies are a whole new ball game.

The group has been evolving for the past two years, when they added Steve Vidiac’s keyboard to the mix. He helps add a new layer to the mix, which also includes Aaron Snyder (bass) and Aaron Ficca (drums).

Sucker is a homegrown band. They began locally, moved to L.A., then relocated to Boulder. They still feel they’re a local band, with deep roots growing strong.

The show at The Bridge will be small and intimate, which is Stoughton’s favorite way to play.

“We’ve played everything around here,” he said. “I just wanted to keep the concert cheap and insane. With intimate shows, crowds get off on it in a special way.”

Sucker is currently working on a new album, with a tentative May release. For more information on the band, visit their Web site at They play The Bridge tonight at 9.

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