Sugar fix |

Sugar fix

Sweets for the sweet.

It’s always good to sweeten the deal. Brad and Bridee Maxwell have been doing just that for five years at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Vail. We have over 300 types of chocolate and sweet things, says Brad. From chocolate and fudge to caramel apples and coffee drinks, basically anything made with sugar we make. Their avalanche bark is a signature item, and is a concoction of white chocolate and homemade peanut butter studded with Rice Krispies, marshmallows and chocolate chips.Mountain Man Nut & Fruit sells basically any snack you could put in a bag Chocolates, nuts, dried fruit, gift items we’ve got everything, says Janet Southerlan, co-owner of the Avon shop. Chocolate cherry crunch is a bestseller. For those who prefer a cuppa sweetness, Starbucks serves it hot or cold. The caramel macchiato is the bestseller at the Edwards coffee joint. It’s pretty much a vanilla latte, with the shots poured upside down and the whole thing is covered in caramel sauce. says barista Callie Houk.

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