Sugarpill brings his bouncy bass to Avon |

Sugarpill brings his bouncy bass to Avon

Lindsey GrossmanDaily CorrespondentVAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

Sugarpill, a West Coast music producer, started off playing bass in bands before seeing the sonic light. “When I first learned about electronic music, everybody was trying to teach me how to make organic sounding instruments be digital, and it just never worked out right,” said Sugarpill, whose real name is Evan Sugarpill. “But the things that were cool that were coming out of the sampler and the digital instruments were the mistakes. And I thought if you could get the mistakes to be something musical in their own sort of way and let the computer’s flaws be the things that actually draw out of it to make music that would be a better way to go than trying to put these imperfect ways of capturing things that are already pretty good. So that’s what kind of got me there in the first place.”Since his first foray into electronic music, Sugarpill has become known as one of the best producers on the glitch bass scene. Self-described as “polytemponic melodo-crunky glitch bass,” his sound translates into a lot of styles coming together, from electronic and sampled organic instruments to dance music with an emphasis on bass melodies.Sugarpill credits close friends and fans as a big part of the creative process, “Before I go play some place I think about who I’m going to play for and try to write at least one or two new songs to be able to bring to them and that kind of depends on what city I’m going to- whether I’ve been there before, if I know what to expect or not, and that really drives a lot the productivity that turns out to be the tracks that end up on my releases.”Look for new free tracks on his website ( this week and an official release in February. Sugarpill teams up with the talented Gladkill for his Colorado tour dates. And like his other shows, he’s planning to write a couple of new songs. “Yeah, there will definitely be some brand new stuff for those kids,” he said. “Should be fun.”Lindsey Grossman works for Rocky Mountain Entertainment, the promoter of this show.

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