Summer digs – Bohemian is back and at the forefront of summer fashion |

Summer digs – Bohemian is back and at the forefront of summer fashion

Laura A. Ball
Strappy babydoll tank, $70, Roxy in Vail VIllage

I can’t remember seeing so many styles come together in one season. It’s like a stroll through the last five decades of American fashion. As complex as human beings are, it’s only fitting to see a plethora of styles en vogue to suit different parts of your personality. Relax in bohemian garb with crocheted knits, a flowy skirt and embroidered tees.

Be preppy and polished with pencil skirts, tailored trouser and Lacoste collared tees promotes sophisticated elegance and simplicity. Feel wild about nature with zebra stripes, python, or neutral hues with elaborate embellishments paired with leather and straw accessories. Go glam with satin, chiffon and silk blouses, red lips and fingernails, beaded dresses, bangles, brooches studded with pearls and rubies and lots of feathers.

Take geometry in ’60s graphic prints and modern, colorful frocks. There is something for everyone in this summer’s fashion grab bag and the eclecticism is great enough to conjure up the free spirit inside all of us.To be honest, I am loving the hippie/gypsy/boho styles that have overtaken the runway. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll feel as comfortable in these clothes as your own skin.

Cover upLast summer ponchos were all the rave. This summer we’ve outgrown them and updated with the shrug, dance sweater, cropped cardigan, capelet, wrap and knitted shawl.

They are perfect for layering when the nights are much chillier than day. Wear them over a fitted tank, with a fun skirt or wide-leg slacks. Twirl time

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Put it on and I promise it will make you feel pretty, it will make you want to dance, it will make you want to have fun. It’s the ultimate fashion pick-me-up.With lined layers or poofy pleats, the flowy skirt falls just past the knee They’re bright, flowery, pinwheel-inspired, bold, energetic, giddy, ruffly and perfect for day or night. Wear them with flats or wedges, or whatever suits your fancy.

Make like a goddessThe tunic, rooted in ancient Greek and Roman times, is a blouse-like garment extending to the hips or lower, a beautiful piece with plenty of style and sophistication. This season’s tunics are tapered at the waist to better flatter our figures. From sheer to beaded to embroidered, in bright turquoises or baby pinks, you can find one to fit your every mood.Wear it over with jeans with a belt, with cropped pants and wedge heels or over your swim suit at the pool.

You’re a dollThe babydoll blouse fits at the empire, flowing from there. It’s a very relaxed look, and very feminine.The ultra flattering top comes in two styles, one hits at the empire waist (under the bust) and the other hits just below that. Determine which looks better on you. If your rib cage is bigger, a blouse fitted just below the empire will probably work better, as well as blouses that tie back.

Waist lineThe sequin belt makes a fabulous accessory to summer

Sole searchin’I can’t open a magazine without seeing a thousand pictures of espadrille wedges. And what better match for our bohemian escapades. They’re super comfortable and look great with just about every summer pant and skirt.

Flats are a classic this summer, as are slip-ons be it crocheted or beaded. Sandals decorate our feet with sequins and metallic and jewel tones. Flirty slingbacks look fabulous with the twirly skirt.Field notesGet something blue – not just blue – turquoise. Vibrant colors and citrusy hues are summer eye candy.

Halters have made a presence and so have smart jackets and blazers, long or cropped, to polish any ensemble.This season’s bags are fun, adventurous, flowered, girly and beachy.You can’t really go wrong with the length of your trousers. It’s all over the board: long, cropped or Bermuda, usually with a wider leg and slight flare.

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