Summer shred scene at Copper takes Hovland Snowskates by surprise |

Summer shred scene at Copper takes Hovland Snowskates by surprise

Imagine being a kid who loves snowboarding, and being able to get on snow in the summer at Copper Mountain.

The excitement of this possibility was once thought to be unmatched in the July snowboarding scene in Summit County, until this year.

Arriving with three or four snowskates apiece, Minnesota-based Hovland Snowskates workers took the opportunity to get a session together at Copper Mountain last week, not knowing what to expect.

Copper Mountain’s summer snowboarding experience is available to kids who participate in a summer camp through Woodward, and industry teams also show up with pros to use the magic-carpet-served patch of snow to shoot videos and keep the stoke levels high for the kids.

Dan “the Wrench” Rolfe goes one-foot, no bindings with no problems July 23 at Copper Mountain.
Special to the Daily

Hovland brought Bobry, ZGriff, and Dan the Wrench, a crew of locals. Whenever there’s a local snowskate jam, those three are pretty much guaranteed to be there.

Hovland Snowskates owner Dan Russell said when the campers saw the snowskates and the masters of the craft, he was blown away by the stoke levels of the kids.

“They all wanted to ride snowskates,” he said.

Excitement levels were one-upped thanks to this spread of Hovland Snowskates greeting Woodward day campers July 23 at Copper Mountain.
Special to the Daily

Russell would prefer to say he was simply offering a teaching tool which is known to improve the very skills those campers were there to seek. By focusing on the binding-free version of the craft, the skills are improved once the bindings come back on. It’s a well known fact about the developing shred brain.

“I had no idea what was going on,” Russell instead offered. “Kids were buzzing around everywhere, at one point I set down my skate to take a pic and I turned around and it was gone.”

Olympic silver medalist snowboarder Danny Kass, left, with a couple of kids who learned the joys of snowskating at Copper Mountain’s Woodward day camp on July 23.

By the end of the day, when coaches started making the kids give back the skates, Russell said he had no choice but to give them away.

“The circumstances demanded it,” he said.

While Hovland Snowskates participates in some 200 events per year around the globe, no one from the company brass had never been on snow at Copper Mountain in the summer.

“I knew it would be good, just because it’s Woodward,” Russell said. “But that absolutely blew me away. What an amazing setup they have there.”

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