Summertime is grill time |

Summertime is grill time

William Porter
The Denver Post
Special to the Daily/Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post

Grilling season is upon us — granted, for many Coloradans it never goes away — and with it that primal urge to apply fire to protein.

What sometimes gets lost in the rush to meat and poultry counters is that grilling is also an outstanding way to cook produce, both vegetables and fruits.

Heat provides caramelization, the mouth-watering phenomenon by which sugars are intensified in everything from onions to carrots to, yes, naturally sweet foods such as peaches.

We’re not saying a Palisade peach needs improvement, but some time on the grill turns it into a completely different experience, one that practically cries for a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Ever have grilled cantaloupe or watermelon? Try it.

And if you use charcoal, or a wood-chip bin on your gas grill, the smoke will wreath the fruit and vegetables with an additional flavor element.

Here are four recipes that will get you fired up about summertime produce.

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