Summit County Home ideas: Interior design trends for 2015

Jasmine Listou Bible
Special to the Daily
The Pantone Color Institute announced the 2015 Color of the Year to be Marsala, a wine-hued swatch with brown undertones.
Special to the Daily |

Design trends and color forecasting tend to be a bit like the chicken and the egg — which comes first? Do color forecasters, such as the Pantone Color Institute, choose the colors that will be popular, or are they citing what has already become popular in the design world? Well, perhaps a bit of both. Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has been declaring a “Color of the Year.” Their color theorists survey the runways of the fashion industry, the showrooms of design houses and the production rooms of manufacturers to cite emerging trends. They pair this knowledge with the general pulse of the population, taking into account what’s happening in the world financially and spiritually, and select the color that they feel best represents what people are looking for.

So, are they getting it right? It appears so. Before we look ahead, let’s look back at their selections for the past few years. In 2014, the Color of the Year was Radiant Orchid, a punchy purple. In 2013, Emerald, a bright green, held the title. Tangerine Tango, a coral-hued orange, was the choice for 2012. In 2011, a poppy pink named Honeysuckle reigned supreme, and in 2010 an aptly named Turquoise was chosen. The past five colors have been decidedly bright, energetic and youthful. They translated well into fashion, industrial and interior design.

In the past two years, we saw bright, light, mostly white rooms with pops of these vibrant colors. We saw pillows and throws in the bold colors and graphic patterns. An eclectic mix of vintage objects became the new modern. Think mason jars, vinyl record players and an endless array of wood pallet creations. (Enough, already!)

We learned to pair high-end pieces with handmade items from sources such as Etsy. We saw rooms that had an almost gallery-esque feel to them — sparse with well-placed objects. An industrial revolution hit the design world. Exposed brick, wood beams and Edison-style light bulbs were all the rage.

Mulling Marsala

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So, what’s next? What design trends will emerge in 2015? If Pantone has anything to do with it, things are about to get a lot more sophisticated. They announced the 2015 Color of the Year to be Marsala, a wine-hued swatch with brown undertones, which seems to be a logical name, given that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines marsala as “a fortified Sicilian wine,” named after the town of Marsala in Sicily.

While my initial reaction was less than thrilled, the warm shade is beginning to grow on me. I first saw the swatch and my mind immediately went to tacky ’90s lipstick, and the term “dusty rose” wouldn’t leave my brain. But personal pet peeves aside, I can appreciate the sentiment that Pantone is conveying. There is a shift in the design world from youthful, sunny and approachable rooms to a more subdued, sexy and complex vibe. They’re aware of this shift and have given the mood a name — Marsala.

“Even though it has a grounded influence, this earthy undertone that we see in this wine red, at the same time, has a sophistication,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.


The color Marsala definitely ups the ante and will work perfectly in varying textures — smooth silks, supple velvets and rich, sumptuous upholstery. We’ll see it used in darker rooms with more visual weight — richer tones on the walls with sophisticated, plush accessories. We’ll get away from stark, crisp rooms and lean more toward layered, plush, sophisticated textures. The color will pair well with browns, deep purples and jewel-toned blues. For a lighter feel, pair it with a contrasting cool mint green.

If you’re willing to try incorporating this color into your home, then start with small accessories such as pillows or a throw. Look for plush textures, and steer clear of matte finishes to avoid a dull or dated look. Save the high gloss for lipstick or nail polish.

Mixed metallics

Metallics are adding to the overall luxurious vibe. While silver and gold have always been popular, we’re seeing designers mixing them together in 2015 to achieve a layered look. We love the Orbit Spheres from Z Gallerie ($9.95 each).

Rose gold and copper are also heavy hitters on the metallic scene. Think of these metallic moments as accessories for your room — each piece is like a bit of jewelry for your home. Have fun, and be as flashy or as demure as you like.


Gemstones and crystals are popping up ubiquitously in the design and fashion world. We’re seeing everything from agate coasters to salt-lick light fixtures. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being obsessed with the Primordial Stud earrings from Denver-based jeweler Arcatus Jewelry ($210). And the malachite pillow covers from Etsy shop, Whitlock & Co. are perfection ($42).

Faux or real, they definitely add some texture and visual interest. Choose a shade that works well with your home, sit back and enjoy the sparkle.

Geometric shapes

Keeping things fresh and modern, we’re seeing geometric shapes in jewelry, home accents and lighting fixtures. Designer Nate Berkus has launched a line with Target that’s a bit daring and edgy, while still remaining elegant and mature. The pieces look high end, but with affordable price tags. This Gold Facet vase hits both the metallic and geometric trend ($14.99).

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