Summit County residents capture meteor event on camera |

Summit County residents capture meteor event on camera

Taylor Sienkiewicz
Summit Daily News
A meteor is seen from Silverthorne on Sunday, Oct. 3.
Loren Vawser/Courtesy photo

At around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Oct. 3, Silverthorne resident Loren Vawser — along with other Summit County residents — woke up to a loud “boom” sound.

“I woke up at 4:30 in the morning after I’d heard a loud boom that woke me up,” Vawser said. “I got up and checked the house and looked out the windows. … I went back to bed and then a few minutes later I thought, ‘I should check my camera.’”

Vawser’s home security camera captured a moment of intense bright light on the eastern horizon from the Blue River Mesa neighborhood. The camera then shows a ball of light appear and then streak down below the horizon.

“It was pretty impressive,” Vawser said. “My camera records sound too, and the next thing I noticed was how long it took the sound to get here. The camera took a video of the meteorite, but the sound took three minutes and 14 seconds to get here.”

Summit County residents began posting about the meteor event on the local Facebook group, One Man’s Junk Summit County, Sunday morning. Many residents chimed in saying they had seen the meteor or heard the sound.

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