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Summit Middle School on lockdown after shotgun shell discovered in hallway

There is an increased law enforcement presence at Summit Middle School in Frisco today after a shotgun shell was discovered inside the school. There is no indication of a public safety concern, according to county officials.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from school staff at about 11 a.m. today regarding a .410 shotgun shell that was found in a hallway inside the school.

Students are currently in a modified lockdown — essentially locked inside their classrooms while instruction continues normally — while deputies with the sheriff’s office conduct a safety sweep of the building. School staff will be assisting in the search, said Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons.

“We have deputies and detectives on scene trying to make sure there’s nothing else on the premises,” said FitzSimons. “There is no indication that there’s any risk to students, teachers or the facility at this time.”

Live ammunition being found on or near school grounds in Summit County has become somewhat of an issue over the last year. Last March, Summit Middle School was evacuated after a bullet was found near a bus stop. In September, the school entered a brief lockout after middle school students discovered a bullet just off school grounds. Earlier this month Summit High School went into lockout after a bullet was found inside the school.

“Probably the most reasonable explanation is where we live,” said FitzSimons. “We are a rural community with a good amount of hunters, target shooters and people who live on ranches.”

FitzSimons noted that .410 shotgun shells are typically used for small game hunting.

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