Sundae Ice Cream shops serve up black ice cream |

Sundae Ice Cream shops serve up black ice cream

Black ice cream? It’s a thing at Sundae Ice Cream shops.

More specifically, it’s black licorice ice cream, which is the flavor of the month of May, but its color is definitely the show stopper.

“We’ve never done anything this trendy before,” said Ashlyn Streetz, general manager of Sundae Ice Cream in Edwards and in Vail Village. “I think the color is really going to stand out and people will try it because they are curious.”

Sundae prides itself on making small batches of ice cream on-site in the most wholesome way, using only natural ingredients, which can be a challenge today.

“It’s very challenging, especially when we’re trying to create certain flavors,” Streetz said. Sugar and fat have a lot to do with the consistency of the finished product. When Streetz and her team are testing out flavors, they’re always making sure to balance that because they are not using any chemical stabilizers, which are what exists in most commercial ice creams. “Those chemical stabilizers make things easy, but we’re not looking to make things easy, we’re looking to make things right,” Streetz said.

Since black licorice or anise flavoring is something that exists in nature it was a logical fit for Sundae, but coming up with the color was a challenge.

“We ended up with activated charcoal because we don’t want to use any kind of chemical dyes in our product,” Streetz said.

Activated charcoal has been trending lately and is linked to health benefits such as teeth whitening, treating acne and insect bites and promoting a healthy digestive tract. But Streetz didn’t obtain it for any of these claims, she just wanted the color.

“We needed it because it’s black!”

“I think the color is really going to stand out in our display case because we don’t do a lot of these dramatic colors because we are natural,” Streetz said. “So, it’s going to be interesting to see how people react to it.”

Stop by and try their flavor of the month during the month of May. To see how they make their ice cream, tune in to today’s video.

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