Sunnis hang themselves |

Sunnis hang themselves

Saddam feared the Shiites more than the mainly U.S. forces on his borders.That’s what our military historians say, anyway, after interviewing countless Iraqi leaders and studying documents after we took over.That can’t be a surprise, given that Shiites make up 60 percent of Iraq’s population, and 80 percent outside the Kurdish region.So what are the mainly Sunni insurgents thinking by trying to start a civil war? That’s pretty brainless if the Shiites indulge them.The oil lies in Shiite and Kurdish hands. The small Sunni controlled land is impovershed by itself. Maybe that’s a fitting fate for the minority that ruled the country for so long – killing more Iraqis than even we’ve managed in our wars with the country.The hardline militants from other countries might see value in inciting the Shiites to steamroll the Sunnis as Sunni leaders – led by Saddam – once treated them. But the native Sunnis ought to be kissing up, angling for every U.S.-influenced move to get them a seat at the table of leadership, sending the foreign fighters packing. Instead the Sunnis are being manuevered into essentially a form of suicide.The U.S. made a mess of the invasion. But the Sunnis are busy cutting their own throats.Vail, Colorado

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