Super-size me, Eagle! |

Super-size me, Eagle!

Brandi Resa, Eagle

I have been attending many of the meetings related to the Eagle River Station proposal. Although I have been outspoken against this project, I think I may be coming around to some of the developer’s ideas. One of those reasons came directly from their housing expert. Her direct comment (during the planning and zoning meeting) was that she really enjoyed the “beautiful” drive into Eagle. When questioned on what made it beautiful, she refused to answer. We can only deduce it’s because it isn’t full of buildings like Denver. I wonder if anyone else will think the drive into Eagle is beautiful once that area is filled with another strip mall from Anytown USA? My guess is that the only people who will enjoy such a sight will be the Eagle River Station developers as they return from a trip to Beaver Creek or Vail. With their pockets full of green, they may even smile as they head to the Jet Center en route back to Kansas City.

I also think the park and open space plan is perfect for this area. Right now, we are deemed the thinnest state in the nation, but if we bring in several chain restaurants and reduce our open spaces to mostly concrete, we may become as inactive as some of the Midwestern states (like Kansas City, Mo.) and claim the title of the most obese state a few years down the road.

And as our national economy continues to stumble, I look forward to buying more cheaply made, discounted items. Who cares if we aren’t supporting U.S.-made products since most items at big stores are made in China? I won’t have to go to Costco any more (I don’t anyway) because I won’t need bulk items with the same things available 2 miles closer to home. And if the shoppers don’t come because Eagle River Station won’t have the draw they need/want, I’ll get an even better deal on all the sale items!

As a world, we are also facing critical depletion of our natural resources, so I think it is really wise to use one of our most precious resources ” water ” to keep some shrubs alive in a sea of concrete at Eagle River Station. While all of us are “recreating” at this mega shopping center, it may actually be nice to run through sprinklers on a hot day or perhaps sit down on a bench next to a small bush for a picnic instead of going up into the hills.

I also really like the idea of creating a whole second town within Eagle. If we can have a new public park area (which is hidden by 65-foot apartment/condo buildings on the far west end), we can divide the town for summer concerts, festivals, and overall community spirit. I’ll see enough of my neighbors, anyway, at the post office and during the lines of congested traffic trying to make it though the roundabouts.

Because I drive Highway 6 most days (because of the river, viewing the critters, Red Canyon), I am eager to see bikers in even more danger as some of the 24,000 vehicle trips zoom to the new highway interchange. And, if we have enough large trucks going across that narrow bridge creating deterioration, we can get a new, bigger bridge even sooner than expected. Finally, I am all for having the night sky lit up with tons of bright security lights and our air filled with pollution. Currently the amazing night sky and the fresh mountain air takes my breath away out of the pure joy of living here, but with this project, my breath would also be taken away … but for another reason all together.

So come on Eagle ” super size me! I’m ready to be like Anytown, USA with our fancy strip malls, er, lifestyle centers. I can’t wait to gather my family up and head to the new Eagle River Station for a nice family picnic … on the parking lot.

All humor aside: No to this massive center and no to Eagle River Station.

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