Supply and demand? |

Supply and demand?

John McKay
Vail, CO, Colorado

As I pull away from the gas pump after spending around $2.20 a gallon for my fuel, I quietly wonder why we are all such suckers.

Why do the feds and the gas companies think that they can bump the prices of gas up every summer (when we are all driving more) and then lower those same prices down to reasonable levels after the driving season is done?

We hear every excuse in the book when the prices are going up, from refinement problems to the price of a barrel of oil, yet the oil companies still manage to post record profits almost every quarter, it seems.

I think that it is criminal that Big Oil uses excuses such as needing to maintain refineries and pipelines as reasons for jacking the price of gas up. Isn’t that the cost of doing business? If I am plowing snow in Beaver Creek for a living, do I charge more when one of my trucks needs work one week?

And the prices of a barrel of crude have been dropping for some time, yet we still see increases at the pump during the spring and summer.

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I was disappointed to hear that our new president was not going to go after Big Oil ” an announcement that was made soon after the election. I would applaud that move. And I am not a fan of government regulations.

We pump billions of taxpayer dollars into the airlines in order to keep them afloat, and the reasons that are given to the public are that transportation is a key infrastructure in any nation.

I agree about transportation being of paramount importance to all of us, and I drive my truck far more than I fly. Anyone else think that we are being taken advantage of a little? Well, if we just wait until the fall, I am sure the prices will drop again.

John McKay


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