Support Mike Johnston for governor; you will not regret it (letter) |

Support Mike Johnston for governor; you will not regret it (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, June 26, is the day for Colorado citizens who will cast a ballot (or have already done so) for the state’s future. Mike Johnston has the unique characteristics to become the next governor of this state on the Democratic ballot.

I have known Mike Johnston for over 40 years and have watched him develop into one of the most gifted leaders of his generation. As an author, innovator in children’s education and a proven experienced legislator in the Colorado State Senate, he has the strongest vision for the future of the state.

With his maturity and excellent judgment, he knows how to bring people together. He has been publicly endorsed by the likes of former leaders in Colorado such as Sen. Gary Hart, Gov. Richard Lamm and Mayor Wellington Webb, of Denver.

I urge you as Democrats or independents to vote for Johnston in the Democratic primary. You will not regret it.

Douglas Patton


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