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Support student artists and writers

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado

Special to the Daily

One thing is for certain, we have some local students who sure can write. If you don’t believe me, show up at The Bookworm of Edwards on Tuesday, where Battle Mountain High School students will read their work aloud during the fourth-annual Spilled Ink! release party. Spilled Ink! is a collection of creative writing and artwork from the talented Battle Mountain student body. From poetry to short stories and essays, this publication showcases the voice of Battle Mountain students through a variety of writing genres and art mediums. The fourth-annual Spilled Ink! release party will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday. This year’s edition will be on sale for $10, and all proceeds help Spilled Ink!, a student-run organization, to continue on another year.

If you have any questions, contact Dana Zilliox at dana.zilliox@eagle

As a sneak peek, here is a poem by Battle Mountain High School junior Rebecca Cotton.

I stare across a battlefield.

Row after row of soldiers,

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Dark bands against the unmarred snow,

Guides to the next platoon.

Dark blood drips from the sky

Splattering round the soldiers,

Carving slashes and holes in the snow.

Yet no soldier dies, none are wounded;

For this blood is not the

Blood of death, but of


For behold! This is the noblest battlefield

Where humanity’s greatest enemies,

Folly and Ignorance,

Lie gasping for breath and dying.

I join this most glorious battle,

Forming ranks with the

Greatest pantheon of heroes:

Anne Frank and Shakespeare, Martin Luther and Poe.

Flourishing bloodied sword

With ink-stained hands,

I sit down at my

Desk, and


Rebecca Cotton