Surf to your next shot using GolfBoards at Sonnenalp Golf Club in Edwards (video) |

Surf to your next shot using GolfBoards at Sonnenalp Golf Club in Edwards (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Off the Hill
Golf can be a frustratingly addictive game, but you may forget about that out-of-bounds tee shot, chunked wedge or missed putt after riding the new GolfBoards at the Sonnenalp Golf Club in Edwards. New this season, the Sonnenalp Golf Club is one of only a few golf clubs in Colorado to have this new way to navigate the course. The GolfBoard was developed in Hawaii by pro surfer, Laird Hamilton and Bally’s Fitness founder, Don Wildman, who at 84-years-old still gets out on the golf course. Whether you are old or young, the GolfBoard concept is a great way to energize the golfing experience and attract new players without changing the spirit and traditions of the game. Jim Miller, Director of Golf Operations at the Sonnenalp Golf Club feels that the addition of GolfBoards is a perfect fit for them. “We have some changing demographics and wanted to become more cutting edge. This really appeals to a younger crowd and it gets the whole family involved. The GolfBoard does not have a steering wheel. To turn it, you basically use your body weight and make toe-side and heel-side turns to move in either direction, much like you would do on a snowboard. The GolfBoard has a low center of gravity and once you realize that you aren’t going to tip over, you start trusting the board and yourself. That’s when the fun begins. “The response has just been wonderful. Everybody gets a big smile on their face when they ride it. It’s exciting to see and everyone wants to try it,” said Miller. To try one simply request a GolfBoard when making your tee time, but call early. They have eight boards total that have been popular with Sonnenalp Golf Club members. “It’s actually one of the most perfect places in the valley for a GolfBoard. In fact, it’s almost like Sonnenalp was built for GolfBoards. It has beautiful rolling terrain, the pitches aren’t too steep so you’re just able to surf the Earth.” To learn more about GolfBoards, amenities and membership opportunities at the Sonnenalp Golf Club, please call 970.477.5376 or visit

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