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Survey says …

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Redevelop the Lionshead parking structure, Vail.

A study has revealed what most people already know: Vail will hands-down benefit from the face-lift a Texas developer is proposing for the Lionshead garage.

If the Town Council agrees to Open Hospitality Partners/Hillwood Capital’s plans, Vail will in essence be getting some badly needed improvements and amenities for free.

More than free, actually. The town stands to gain $81.9 million in public improvements, according to the study. That doesn’t even include money from sales taxes and other taxes, which is substantial.

Vail would get a conference center ” remember when the town was ready to pay for this itself? The town would also get condos, time-shares, stores and two hotels.

And parking. Just about everyone can agree that Vail needs a lot more parking.

Vail also needs more affordable housing, and town leaders should make sure to make that part of the developer’s deal.

The town also needs to work with the developer to make sure Vail doesn’t temporarily lose parking in its pursuit for more parking.

But this deal is too good to let go.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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