Survey: Too much Eagle County school expansion planned? |

Survey: Too much Eagle County school expansion planned?

Lauren Glendenning
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE, COUNTY, Colorado ” Bill Reimer of Strategic Resources West, the consulting firm that is writing a report on the Eagle County, Colorado school district’s future land and space needs

What they talked about: The consultants presented results from a look at the district’s use of school facilities and land at the school board’s March 11 meeting and said they would be interviewing various people in the community about what is needed for the next five and 10 years. After interviewing about half of the intended people, Reimer said most people agree the school district’s plans for expanding its buildings are too high.

People agree that Wolcott seems to be the dividing line in the valley, and that student population growth will happen more west of Wolcott.

Reimer is finishing the interviews with business owners, parents, teachers and other community members in the next couple of weeks and hopes to have a complete report for the school board by its May 20 meeting.

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