Suspect denies killing Broncos’ Darrent Williams |

Suspect denies killing Broncos’ Darrent Williams

DENVER – A man charged with first-degree murder in the drive-by shooting death of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams says he wasn’t involved.

“I feel bad about what happened to him, but I am fighting for my life over something I did not do,” Willie Clark told The Denver Post for a story published in Sunday editions.

Prosecutors contend Clark, 26, fired fatal shots into Williams’ limousine from an SUV on New Year’s Day 2007 after Williams left a night club. An indictment says Williams and Clark had been at the club with separate groups that exchanged taunts.

On Friday, an indictment accusing Mario Anderson and Kataina “Markie” Jackson-Keeling of perjury in the case was unsealed. It said both men told a grand jury they were not in the SUV at the time of the shooting. That contradicted testimony from other witnesses, who are charged with federal crimes in a separate drug trafficking investigation.

Clark told The Denver Post that prosecutors charged the wrong people with perjury while allowing other witnesses to lie about his role in Williams’ death and in another homicide in exchange for deals in their own cases.

“I just want to point out how prosecutors fabricate cases and how they seek out these other people and offer these crazy deals,” he said.

Denver district attorney’s spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough declined to comment on Clark’s accusations.

“We are bound by the professional rules of conduct, so we are not free to respond with a pending trial,” she said.

In addition to the Williams case, Clark is accused of killing a witness in another homicide case. Kalonniann Clark, who is not related to Willie Clark, was killed in December 2006 just before she was to testify that Clark’s friend Brian Hicks tried to kill her outside a nightclub in 2005.

Willie Clark refused to discuss the details of what he was doing at the time of either homicide, before he goes to trial Feb. 22, The Post reported. He also wouldn’t say who he thinks committed the homicides because he says he doesn’t know for sure and he fears for his family’s life.


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