Suspect in Eagle claims medical marijuana card |

Suspect in Eagle claims medical marijuana card

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –An officer saw a car run a red light in Eagle on Jan. 16.

He contacted the 21-year-old driver and told him he ran a red light and his license plates were expired. The man handed the deputy a temporary license, valid insurance and expired registration.

The deputy issued the man a citation for running the red light. Because the background-check system was down, the officer was unable to determine if the man was clear of warrants, on probation or had any protection orders.

As the man was signing the citation, the officer smelled marijuana. The man said he had a medical marijuana card and the officer asked if he had the card with him. He didn’t. He did provide a medical marijuana application, which was signed by a doctor. He said he used the pot for pain and that he’d smoked a “one-hitter or a two-hitter” within the previous two hours.

The deputy had the man attempt voluntary roadside maneuvers, which he failed. Eventually he complied with a blood draw at Vail Valley Medical Center and was released to a sober friend.

The man was issued a summons for DUID, failing to obey a red light and expired license plates. Police found out later he was on probation in Jefferson County for a prior DUI. Dispatch sent a notification to his probation officer.

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