Suspect in Eagle gives officers many ages |

Suspect in Eagle gives officers many ages

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –On May 2, an officer noticed a small red car weaving and braking erratically near the Eagle County Fairgrounds.

When the deputy pulled the man over, the man said he didn’t have identification with him. The man gave the officer a name and birth date. The officer asked the man how old he was. The man said, “28, no – 25.” The officer asked for the man to give his age again and the man said 33. The officer said none of those ages matched the birth date. The man didn’t respond.

Police records indicated the name the man gave was used as an alias for a 34-year-old man who had four active felony warrants in Weld County and revoked driving privileges as a habitual offender.

The officer asked the man to exit the vehicle. At the rear of the car, the officer asked the man if he had any other names. The man said yes, he used several and his driver’s license was suspended for child support. Then he said he had an ID in the car and asked his son, who was sitting in the car, to get it. The child pulled out a wallet and started filing through it.

Another deputy who had arrived to assist, saw the child flip past several IDs while looking for the correct one. The deputy asked the child to hand the wallet to him. The original deputy looked through the wallet and found fake Social Security and permanent resident cards. The man said he used them to get work. Eventually the officer found a valid Mexican ID.

The 35-year-old man was arrested for criminal impersonation and possession of forged instruments. He was ticketed for weaving and driving under restraint and all of the fake documents were confiscated.

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