Suspect shares concerns with arresting officer in Eagle |

Suspect shares concerns with arresting officer in Eagle

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Gypsum, CO Colorado

EAGLE – An Eagle Police officer parked at the Alpine Lumber lot at 11:30 p.m. last Saturday clocked a Hummer speeding 42 miles per hour along Chambers Avenue.

The speed limit along that stretch of road is 25 miles per hour.

According to the Eagle Police report, the officer pulled over the vehicle, approached the car and spotted an open beer bottle in the central console. A passenger also was holding an open bottle of beer. The officer noted there was a strong odor of alcohol in the vehicle.

When the officer asked the driver if he had been drinking, the man responded that he had consumed a couple of beers. He agreed to perform roadside maneuvers, but could not successfully complete the tasks. The officer arrested the man on suspicion of driving under the influence and the driver choose to have a blood test performed to determine his blood alcohol count.

While en route to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs for the test, the driver expressed concern about what the incident would mean because he had a previous traffic stop for speeding.

The officer told the man he should be more worried about his pending the DUI, open container and speeding charges.

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