Suspected pot growers discovered in Glenwood Springs |

Suspected pot growers discovered in Glenwood Springs

John Gardner
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Garfield County sheriff’s deputies searched a Glenwood Springs-area residence on March 7 for an alleged marijuana cultivation operation and arrested two men.

Jayson Vezzoso, 31, is being held on $15,000 bond at the Garfield County jail on charges of marijuana production, cultivation, and manufacturing, a class 4 felony, possession of a controlled substance, and other charges.

Joshua Johnson, 25, was also arrested on charges including amphetamine possession, a class 3 felony, and violation of a restraining order. Johnson was released on $10,800 bond from the jail.

According to a report from the sheriff’s office, deputies obtained a narcotics-related search warrant for a residence outside of Glenwood Springs based on information from an earlier domestic disturbance call.

When they searched the residence, deputies reportedly found, “a small marijuana cultivation operation.” The report indicates deputies found three marijuana plants, cultivation equipment, a small amount of suspected marijuana, a small amount of suspected hallucinogenic mushrooms, and several items of drug paraphernalia that were seized in the search.

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“The amount of the cultivation equipment indicates that this may have been a larger grow operation at some point in time,” the report said.

Johnson appeared in district court on Thursday for arraignment in another case.

Vezzoso appeared in Court on March 9, for an advisement hearing, which was continued to March 18 for a return filing of charges. At that time, the district attorney’s office will decide if formal charges against Vezzoso will be filed.

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