Suspicious perfume sales stopped in Gypsum |

Suspicious perfume sales stopped in Gypsum

GYPSUM, Colorado After three straight Saturday nights watching vendors solicit customers to buy cologne and perfume at the Hi-Way 6 store in Gypsum, Colorado, a store manager finally called police and put an end to the nuisance. Eagle County police summonsed a 29-year-old last week for criminal trespass after catching him trying to sell the products at the store. Another man involved was summonsed for possessing marijuana. The manager at the store called police Oct. 26 just as a group of four people were piling into a Lincoln LS to flee the store, but an officer stopped the car on Interstate 70 while another officer questioned the manager. He said one man, described as Hispanic and wearing a Denver Broncos jersey, had come into the store in previous weeks trying to sell the fragrances, and each time warned the man to leave the property. This past Saturday the manager threatened to call police, and the man left, but then approached somebody pumping gas. When questioned by police, the man said he left the store and then asked the person pumping gas for the time. But police asked why he didnt ask one of the three people in the car for the time or simply look at the cars clock. He said none of them had a watch. He went on to tell police that he worked for a company that sells cologne and perfume, and this was his first trip to the store trying to sell. He did admit, though, he was warned by Avon police several weeks ago after they caught him trying to sell products outside Wal-Mart that he wasnt allowed to sell anything without a license. During the questioning, one of the passengers admitted to police that they had a marijuana pipe in the car. After searching the car, police found not only a pipe, but a metallic grinder, two containers and a pack of rolling papers, all of which police seized. The passenger was summonsed for possession of drug paraphernalia and the alleged cologne and perfume pusher was summonsed with second-degree criminal trespass.

WOLOTT An Alamosa woman returned from a trip to Steamboat Springs last week with an estimated $300 in damage to her car, apparently from a cement block. The 28-year-old parked her white Saturn Wednesday night at the Wolcott Park & Ride and met her boyfriend for a trip to Steamboat Springs, according to Eagle County Sheriffs Office records. When she came back around 11 a.m. Friday morning, she saw a piece of a cement block had been thrown through her passenger window. The block caused damage not only to the window, but left a 4-inch hole in the drivers side door panel. Whoever threw the cement block didnt take anything from inside the car, the woman said. Because of a lack of leads and suspects, police have closed the case, and the woman is left with an estimated $300 in damages to her car.

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