Suspicious suitcase shuts airport |

Suspicious suitcase shuts airport

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GYPSUM ” The contents of a suitcase at the Eagle County Airport raised enough questions to prompt Transportation Security Administration workers to shut down the airport for 45 minutes on Sunday morning.

Workers called the cops after discovering that the suitcase, checked in by a Texas man with a Milddle-Eastern name, was filled with plastic containers and wire. Security officials feared the materials could be made into a bomb, although no explosive materials were contained in the bag.

Planes were ground while security workers cleared people from the area where the suitcase was being examined. When questioned, the passenger explained that he was an oil researcher working in the fields around Rifle. The materials in the suitcase were used for performing pressure-pulse tests on wells.

The passenger also said he flies in and out of the local airport often, but that a colleague usually checks in the luggage.

A Transportation Security Administration employee with oil field experience confirmed that the materials in the suitcase were for testing wells. The man was allowed on the plane with his suitcase, and business resumed.

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The first night of marriage was not so special for a couple in the wedding suite at a Beaver Creek hotel. The groom ended up in the emergency room after his wife allegedly kicked him in the face with her shoes on.

The incident apparently began when the bride, a 32-year-old Denver woman, allegedly had too much to drink at her wedding reception. The newlyweds headed up to their honeymoon suite late in the evening.

However, the woman was too drunk to consummate the marriage, according the report filed by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The groom suggested that they wait until morning and the bride fell asleep. When she woke up again, at about 2:30 a.m., she was angry about the lack of romance on her wedding night. She allegedly kicked her husband in the face, then passed out, the Sheriff’s report says.

The groom, seeking help, called his parents to take him to the emergency room. His mother called the cops.

A Sheriff’s deputy found the bride sleeping in the room. There was a disheveled wedding dress on the floor, a broken shoe, and rose petals scattered throughout the room, the Sheriff’s report says.

Doctors indicated the groom suffered a possible broken bone in his face, and damage to his eye. He declined to file a written statement.

The bride received a court summons on suspicion of assault.

An Edwards woman was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by the sounds of a couple of men talking and shoveling snow in the cul-de-sac on June Creek Road.

Looking out the window, she saw an SUV with its light trained on the snow bank where the men were shoveling. After about 10 minutes, the men left, and she went back to sleep.

The next morning, she reported the incident. A responding sheriff’s deputy decided to do some digging in the snow bank. He found a box of beer, and a plastic container filled with vodka, whiskey, and beer ” about $300 worth.

A quick check with local liquor stores failed to turn up any theft reports. Neither had any private parties reported missing liquor. The alcohol was poured out, and the bottles were recycled.

A prisoner in the Eagle County jail, upon being sentenced to 12 years in State Corrections for a series of burglaries, allegedly confessed to more crimes.

The inmate allegedly told officers that he had been involved in a burglary at Ski Cooper a year ago. He named his allegedly accomplices, and offered details, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect allegedly said he wanted to come clean so that no further charges would be pressed against him. His public defender wanted to strike a plea bargain that would allow sentences for any new convictions to be served concurrently with the punishment he had already earned.

The alleged confession was recorded, and the case will be processed.

An alleged locker-room fight between an Eagle Valley High School student and a Rifle High School student ended up with a trip to the emergency room for the Rifle boy.

The dispute apparently started when the two exchanged verbal insults. The fight grew physical, and the Rifle student was allegedly punched numerous times. He required some stitches for a split lip, and may need some dental work.

The Sheriff’s Office will handle any charges stemming from the alleged assault, and the school will handle the discipline.

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