Sustainability tip: A little love for the environment |

Sustainability tip: A little love for the environment

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It's not just about ramancing your partner, but taking care of the environment, too. Choose potted plants and more to make your Valentine's Day more sustainable.
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Did you know that, according to the Hallmark Corp., approximately 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year? These cards use a lot of energy to produce, transport and dispose of. But have no fear, with the three tips below you can be sweet to the ones you care about and the environment this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers: A Valentine’s Day staple, flowers are usually grown in far away places, transported to local stores and produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Consider opting for an indoor or potted plant that will be a longer lasting symbol of love for your partner and the environment.

Cards: Make a one-of-a-kind card yourself from recycled or reused paper and materials. It’ll mean a lot more to the one receiving it, and show you were thinking about the environment, too.

Chocolate: Valentine’s Day is not complete without some chocolate, but not all chocolate is created equal. Seek out fair trade chocolate and other ethically and environmentally-responsible chocolate products for a more rich experience this Valentine’s Day.


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