Sustainability tip: Be sustainable with your beer |

Sustainability tip: Be sustainable with your beer

Ford Sanger
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You can even be sustainable when enjoying a brew. Talk to local breweries about how they're being sustainable.
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Did you know, that according to Craft Brewing Business, Colorado has the third most breweries of any state in the United States, and the fourth most breweries per capita?

With such a multitude of great local brewery choices, it is easy to get high-quality beer produced with environmentally friendly practices.

Three tips for what you can do

Stop in. Take advantage of Colorado’s brewery abundance and look for local brews over beers shipped from far away and from companies not as invested in the environment.

Ask your favorite local breweries what it’s doing be environmentally friendly and then show your support by buying the ones that are doing the most for the planet.

Want to go a step further? Brew your own. Not only will you be participating in a fun activity, but you will have eliminated the packaging and transportation of your beer drinking.

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